Visiting Authors is dedicated to helping make the writing experience a memorable and convenient one for all authors. Thus, it selflessly shares information found on the Internet that can be of help to all writers. Check out the link to interesting materials for authors (and publishers). You’ll find a lot of reasons to visit Visiting Authors regularly because this page is updated from time-to-time. is your online source for word definitions, synonyms, and grammar tips. Use it to help make your stories easier to understand and read.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary is one of the favorite companions of writers and publishers. Now you don’t have to bring the book wherever you are writing. Simply visit their website for guides to word meanings, synonyms, spelling, and everything grammar and word-related. There are even games that make learning fun!



Oxford Dictionaries should be one of your bookmarked websites as it is a comprehensive online dictionary. You can choose what kind of dictionary you need – English, Spanish, Hindi, and Indonesian, among many others.


Amsterdam Printing

This website has a writers’ guide that you might find helpful. There are links to several websites that offer tips on writing (paragraph function, paragraph structure, and subject-verb agreement, among others).


Purdue University AP Writing Style Guide

If you need information about the AP (The Associated Press) style of writing, Purdue University has one of the complete libraries on the subject. The website offers an overview of the AP style, along with some essential elements of writing. The style guidelines are clearly laid out, and they’re easy to understand. You can use some of the guides on punctuation found in this style guide.